Maison Parfaite Damage Waiver Fee – Terms

In lieu of our standard security deposit, the lead booker / renter, to be referred to as ‘guest’ agrees to pay a non-refundable damage waiver fee of £40.00 at the time of booking, or upon request by email up to 7 days prior to the date that the rental contact commences (check-in date).

This fee covers up to £300 (or £200 for Maison Parfaite LS1 or Skeldale House) of accidental or unintentional physical damage caused by the ‘guest’ or any other member of their group.

The lead booker ‘guest’ shall be responsible for the behaviour of themselves, and other members of their group at all times during the period of rental of the property. In the event that damage to the property or contents (whether internally or externally) exceeds the £300.00 (or £200 for Maison Parfaite LS1 or Skeldale House) maximum, the ‘guest’ agrees to compensate Maison Parfaite for this damage.

This payment may be made by the credit card on file or by other legal means of collection. The Damage Waiver DOES NOT cover costs associated with any pet damage, intentional damage, or negligence by the ‘guest’ or any other member of their group.

This is not insurance, and the Waiver does not apply to intentional damage made by the renter / ‘guest’, excessive wear and tear, wear and tear due to parties, smoking, pets, additional cleaning charges due to stains or spills, fines incurred by the police or other authorities due to noise or other violations, excessive rubbish, parking, or excessive damage over the purchased amounts of £300.00 (or £200 for Maison Parfaite LS1 or Skeldale House).

If you do not wish to purchase this waiver, a security deposit of either £300.00 or £200.00 (depending on property) is required at time of booking.

Updated: 1st May 2021